Travel to Nepal: when to go and what to see

Travel to Nepal: when to go and what to see

Nepal is one of the most evocative countries in the world, the ideal destination for trekking and mountain lovers . The whole area offers a unique experience, to discover the historical and cultural beauties of the capital: from Kathmandu , with its thousand Hindu and Buddhist temples, to the parks of the temperate regions, between wild animals and an almost untouched nature, to the perched villages on the most inaccessible mountain ranges on the planet, such as Everest in the Himalayas and the Annapurna range. Here’s what to see in Nepal, a country that, unfortunately, has been heavily hit by the 2015 earthquake, and that needs more than ever tourism to recover.

What to see in Nepal: the capital Katmandu
One of the places to visit in Nepal is certainly the capital Katmandu , the economic and social heart of the country , a modern city, but at the same time guardian of the traditions of Hindu and Buddhist culture. Characterized by a slower pace of life than European standards, Kathmandu offers visitors a wide choice of places to discover and activities to do during their vacation, including visiting temples, gardens and places of worship.

An obligatory stop is the ancient temple of Swayambhu , also called the temple of the monkeys , where you can climb over 300 stone steps to enjoy one of the most evocative views of the capital of Nepal. Do not miss the site of Bhaktapur , declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO , located near Kathmandu. Inside the area there is also the temple of Nyatapola, the famous square of Taumadhi and two other historic buildings, the temple of Dattatreya and Pujari.

Equally interesting is the area of ​​Thamel , with its narrow and always very crowded alleys, where restaurants specializing in typical local cuisine, travel agencies and shops for trekking equipment are concentrated. Also worth visiting is Durban Square , in the Patan district, an area of ​​great historical interest that includes an entrance fee of € 8.5, or the Garden of Dreams , a former private residence now open to the public, consisting of several dedicated buildings to the seasons, with fountains, interior gardens and decorations.

Travel to Senegal: where to go and what to do

Travel to Senegal: where to go and what to do

Senegal is certainly a complex but at the same time very suggestive country, located on the west coast of Africa, between Guinea-Bissau, Mauritania and Mali. In addition to the capital Dakar, in the archipelago of Cape Verde , the naturalistic areas are to be seen, such as the Niokolo-Koba national park and the national bird sanctuary of Djoudj , without neglecting the island of Gorée and the picturesque lake Retba, the pink lake. A trip to Senegal is a unique experience to discover the Senegalese culture , between religion, typical cuisine, nature, beaches and metropolis in strong development.

What to see in Senegal: the capital Dakar
One of Senegal’s main tourist destinations is Dakar , the country’s capital, located on the west coast and famous for the historic desert race , the Paris-Dakar. Today the city is an important port hub in Africa, with a growing economy and an intense colonial history behind it . A must see in Dakar is the Médina district , where the Grande Mosquée is located and the central market, always very lively with tourists and locals.

However there are many other mosques in the city, which boasts one of the most numerous Muslim communities on the continent , including the Mosquée de la Divinité. During the visit it is possible to discover African art , thanks to numerous galleries and museums, including the renowned IFAN African Arts Museum, located in the Plateau area, the Galerie le Manegé, the Institut Français Léopold Sédar Snghor and the Galerie Nationale , open with free admission.

Equally impressive is the Monument of the African Renaissance , inaugurated in 2010 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Senegal’s independence. One of the main attractions in Dakar, however, are the wonderful beaches of the area , particularly loved by surfers, who often meet in the nearby village of Lebu N’Gor, on the small island of Yoff , or at the beach of Plage des Mamelles. For the nightlife, the elegant neighborhood of Les Almadies is worth a visit, where you can find restaurants, bars and live music venues.



Beautiful Crete is the largest island in Greece located in the Cretan Sea, a small part of the sea between the Mediterranean Sea and the Libyan Sea. This beautiful island is a destination much loved by travelers for its combination of history, thanks to its numerous archaeological sites scattered throughout the island and colorful landscapes that can be admired from the cliffs, with white and golden beaches, crystal clear sea that stretches from light blue to intense blue and the mountain ranges that form the backdrop for this enchanting vision.

Crete beaches

The beaches of Crete are more than 300 and extend for all 1000 km of the coast. The very romantic beaches of Elafonissi , located on a small island south-west of the Greek island, are the most reached place for those who choose Crete as a destination for their trip. These beautiful beaches are part of a protected nature reserve and are considered the most beautiful of the whole island, also due to the unusual color of the sand which tends to pink and which becomes more and more intense as dusk approaches.

Watching the sunset while lying on a Elafonissi beach , between the blue crystalline sea, the pink sand and the blue-tinged sky with the sun giving space to the moon and stars, is certainly one of the most romantic things in the world.

For those who love peace and tranquility, they will love the beaches of the small island of Chrissi teeming with coves. The water is so clear blue that you can admire the beautiful backdrop without the need for a mask or glasses. The most beautiful and peaceful beaches of this islet are Belegrina , Hatzivolakas and Kataprosopo .

Agios Pavlos , located south of the beautiful island of Crete, is another very peaceful destination for those who love peace and relaxation. In this enchanting relaxing area, you can indulge in long swims in a clear blue sea. The atmosphere in this part of the island is magical and wild. The beach is set between two imposing cliffs and in one of these opens a sea cave that is worth visiting.

How to Find the Best All-Inclusive Resorts

How to Find the Best All-Inclusive Resorts

My first experience with an all-inclusive resort was a decade ago during a cold February in New York City. I was easy prey to this promise: a surprisingly low price for a trip to Cancún, which included airfare, four nights in a double room and meals in one of the three “exciting, international” restaurants.

What I got: a bland buffet; a dirty and crowded beach; and many extra charges. Although piña coladas were included, bottled water no. The only unexpected “extra” was the resort’s pornographic channel that spread on my TV when I arrived. I would have settled in for the cleaning service. Nowadays, everything included becomes high-level with the same kind of promise, but a better delivery. At the Royal Hideaway Playacar, Mexico, for example, a nightly rate starting at $ 850 per room includes meals from chef Sergi Arola, Spanish restaurant La Broche, Madrid’s Spanish restaurant, and diving lessons. You can find good deals at various price levels by asking yourself these questions:

I will use what is included?
If you plan to use everything a resort offers, even an expensive package can be a great value. Curtain Bluff, in Antigua, might seem expensive at $ 950 a night, but if you take advantage of the extra-scuba diving, water-skiing lessons, sailing and drinks-the resort is a bargain. And the big all-inclusive chains, which have improved their services, can be surprisingly accessible: I found a six-night stay for two in April at the Grand Lido Negril Resort & Spa, Jamaica, including the flight from Charleston, South Carolina; all meals; tennis; scuba diving; and laundry service, for $ 683 a night.

I want what is not included?
Find out if you want more than what the deal offers you. The Meliá Cabo Real, in Los Cabos, Mexico, is located next to a golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones II. Stay in a room with a view of the links for $ 460 a night in late February, and the all-inclusive rate offers everything except golf, which is $ 252 per round. If you’re going to play a few rounds, won’t staying in a real golf course end up costing less, even at a higher nightly rate? Definitely.

How big is the hassle to cash in? The all-inclusive appeal is lost if you have to spend time doing jockey for what was promised to you. To avoid the buffet in room 355 Caribe Club Princess, in Punta Cana, you have to queue before 3 pm to get reservations at one of the five restaurants. Other red flags: water sports that are in a different position; “unlimited” sports where equipment rental is extra; or be confined to nine holes of a course of hole 18. To avoid these unwanted scenarios, know what is included in the hotel before booking.