Beautiful Crete is the largest island in Greece located in the Cretan Sea, a small part of the sea between the Mediterranean Sea and the Libyan Sea. This beautiful island is a destination much loved by travelers for its combination of history, thanks to its numerous archaeological sites scattered throughout the island and colorful landscapes that can be admired from the cliffs, with white and golden beaches, crystal clear sea that stretches from light blue to intense blue and the mountain ranges that form the backdrop for this enchanting vision.

Crete beaches

The beaches of Crete are more than 300 and extend for all 1000 km of the coast. The very romantic beaches of Elafonissi , located on a small island south-west of the Greek island, are the most reached place for those who choose Crete as a destination for their trip. These beautiful beaches are part of a protected nature reserve and are considered the most beautiful of the whole island, also due to the unusual color of the sand which tends to pink and which becomes more and more intense as dusk approaches.

Watching the sunset while lying on a Elafonissi beach , between the blue crystalline sea, the pink sand and the blue-tinged sky with the sun giving space to the moon and stars, is certainly one of the most romantic things in the world.

For those who love peace and tranquility, they will love the beaches of the small island of Chrissi teeming with coves. The water is so clear blue that you can admire the beautiful backdrop without the need for a mask or glasses. The most beautiful and peaceful beaches of this islet are Belegrina , Hatzivolakas and Kataprosopo .

Agios Pavlos , located south of the beautiful island of Crete, is another very peaceful destination for those who love peace and relaxation. In this enchanting relaxing area, you can indulge in long swims in a clear blue sea. The atmosphere in this part of the island is magical and wild. The beach is set between two imposing cliffs and in one of these opens a sea cave that is worth visiting.