Travel to Nepal: when to go and what to see

Nepal is one of the most evocative countries in the world, the ideal destination for trekking and mountain lovers . The whole area offers a unique experience, to discover the historical and cultural beauties of the capital: from Kathmandu , with its thousand Hindu and Buddhist temples, to the parks of the temperate regions, between wild animals and an almost untouched nature, to the perched villages on the most inaccessible mountain ranges on the planet, such as Everest in the Himalayas and the Annapurna range. Here’s what to see in Nepal, a country that, unfortunately, has been heavily hit by the 2015 earthquake, and that needs more than ever tourism to recover.

What to see in Nepal: the capital Katmandu
One of the places to visit in Nepal is certainly the capital Katmandu , the economic and social heart of the country , a modern city, but at the same time guardian of the traditions of Hindu and Buddhist culture. Characterized by a slower pace of life than European standards, Kathmandu offers visitors a wide choice of places to discover and activities to do during their vacation, including visiting temples, gardens and places of worship.

An obligatory stop is the ancient temple of Swayambhu , also called the temple of the monkeys , where you can climb over 300 stone steps to enjoy one of the most evocative views of the capital of Nepal. Do not miss the site of Bhaktapur , declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO , located near Kathmandu. Inside the area there is also the temple of Nyatapola, the famous square of Taumadhi and two other historic buildings, the temple of Dattatreya and Pujari.

Equally interesting is the area of ​​Thamel , with its narrow and always very crowded alleys, where restaurants specializing in typical local cuisine, travel agencies and shops for trekking equipment are concentrated. Also worth visiting is Durban Square , in the Patan district, an area of ​​great historical interest that includes an entrance fee of € 8.5, or the Garden of Dreams , a former private residence now open to the public, consisting of several dedicated buildings to the seasons, with fountains, interior gardens and decorations.